CG.attractor                                             (CGI)2019

Cyber Dominatrix                                      (SOFTWARE)2019
Bodies At The Beach                                 (CGI)2019
BODIES.V02.KISS.1                                    (CGI, INSTALLATION)2019
It Will Be Perfect Frown Now On              (INSTALLATION)2018
Bodies                                                        (CGI)2018

Frameframe                                               (SCRIPT)2017



SD Card

SD card, containing software


in collaboration with Jessica Earle and Laboratory Residency

visitors are invited to plug in the program on to their devices, and experience.



Cyber Dominatrix is a software that explores post-internet sexuality. The software is a dominatrix with a computer generated voice, by taking over the user’s computer, ’it’ punishes and arouses the user with her/his own computer files/data.
“Sexuality is not defined by the act of sex itself, but rather through the ideation and expression of it.” It can be viewed as an ‘aesthetic,’ “a particular kind of experience that arises when, in the midst of a complex human reaction, one finds meaning, which creates a sensation of self-transcendence and the desire to articulate and share it with others via cultural artifacts.” Ultimately, it is a narrative we can prescribe, re-write, update, expand.

In Cyber Dominatrix, ‘she’ can be she, he, they, it or non-existing. ‘She’ is ultimately a program that stimulates us through ourselves—our files, our search histories, our photos, our computer. Through ‘her’ we learn what parts of our digital existence we perceive as mischievous and/or private, we discover where our virtual fear boundary lies.

Our world of erotism has transcended immensely beyond flesh to flesh. From bluetooth sex toys, teledildonics, AI chatbots, to open source BDSM programs for your online avatars. By exploring these new eroticas, we have entered the portal of cyberdelic sexualities. It is an abyss that is non-linear, non-binary, orientation-less, fluid, an opening waiting to be entered.

The exhibition of this work was a launch event, held in a factory building. People were required to bring their own laptops, and received a condom-like package containing the SD card that holds the software.


featured in Adjacent Journal, issue 4.
developed at Labortory Residency, 2019 Spring.